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Come Insanity Lyrics

Album Name : Invisible Wounds
Release Date : 2009-06-26
Song Duration : 3:33

Inmoria Come Insanity

I can feel them in my head
I can feel them in my veins
They’re always calling out my name
My life will never be the same

I can’t see their faces
Everytime I close my eyes and sleep
From the shadows they will come
From the darkness they will arise

Can you see
Can you hear
Can you feel what I feel
Can you feel the pain that I´m feeling

Can you see
Can you save
Can you take me away from here
Can you take me away or come insanity

I am so alone
I wish someone could see all the things that I see
I am so afraid
I can’t think I can’t live I can’t do anything
They try to reach me
And they try so hard to take control
I am lost and I can’t believe
And I’m slowly fading away

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