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Sippin' (feat. Juicy J) Lyrics

Inkmonstarr Sippin' (feat. Juicy J)

[Hook: Juicy J] x8
I'm sippin' lean and poppin' benz

[Verse 1]
Styrofoam filled to the top
A chopper clip, yeah, yeah, it's filled to the top
Got some forged metal jacket in this ratchet that I'm packin'
So ain't no slacking in my [?] before I let you have it
I'm a G, on codeine, and ecstasy
We call it benz
Bombay, Hennesy that's all with me
And a couple bad bitches on their knees
Go to work, I go beserk
Be at the church and I probably got you murked
Sippin' lean, poppin' xans and the percs
Yeah I'm disrespectful
I'll leave you sinking in the dirt
That's right

[Hook: Juicy J] x8
I'm sippin' lean and poppin' benz

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
So much syrup to sip, I could be a pharmacist
So much weed to burn, I should be an arsonist
Take the blunt, dip it in the lean, gettin' lighter
Pop some [?], sip some orange juice, get higher
I'm laughing at these hate niggas, reaching prior
I got wife, hoes and money, like that nigga tighter
I'm ridin' dirty, my Sprite dirty
With a dirty ass hoe, sittin' on 30
Dope boys swagger, mixed with Mick Jagger
I pay cash only, price don't matter
Smoking on a bag of woods, Juicy still hood
30 years in the game, and I'm still good

[Hook: Juicy J] x8
I'm sippin' lean and poppin' benz

[Verse 3]
I got this purple in my solo cup
[?], get some rubber, cause I'm tryna to f..ck
Hi-Tech mix it in my [?] Sprite
Get some more, I'm on the molly, I'm getting turnt tonight
Crushing, tryna find another hoe to hit
All my people, [?] got some dough to get
I be twisted, fated down in Vegas, on my solo [?]
Hit your girlfriend up, I got imposters, I'mma let 'em dip

[Outro: Juicy J] x8
I'm sippin' lean and poppin' benz

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