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Johnny Lyrics

Album Name : Christmas Gumbo
Release Date : 2005-10-01
Song Duration : 3:54

Ingrid Lucia & The Flying Neutrinos Johnny

Johnny, I've been good
Don't you think you could
hear me call you, soft and low
Johnny, don't you go

Baby, I've been sad
lost the love I had
What's that whistlin round the bend?
just the wind, cold wind.

Come out of those wild woods
when night skies draw near
Stick close to that dusty road,
you're all I hold dear

Johnny, you've been bad
heard you went quite mad
you can wander, you can roam
where's your home? no home.


What's that way up high?
comin' cross the sky
dark night folds its arms round mine
think I'll take that ride
I can't hear you call my name
just the wind, cold wind

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