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Little More Anger Lyrics

Infinite Tales Little More Anger

Scourges tear with pain
Torture weary flesh
Blood pours out of veins
Body numbs in ash.

Vital force runs out
Mercilessly fast
Light of life fades out
In lacklustre eyes

Here I call your soul
in the dark.
Take my hand, and hold
a warm spark.

I will take away
Your foul fear
I will take your pain
and your tears.

Gaze of your sad eyes
turns to skies
I can hear you words
feel your thoughts.

You are not alone
in your moan
In the realm of sun
going down.

I ascend with you
from the Hell

Musty smell of blood
Rotten smell of flesh
Drama turns to farce
Dully show must end.

Little More Anger For You
Little More Anger For Me
Little More Anger...

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