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Sleep Lyrics

Indus Creed Sleep

time was when everything was right
when faces appeared in azure skies
hope was as real as the air
time was the color of her smile

but the night has come, it's time to sleep
and let the willows gently weep

home is a place where you can hide
a shelter away from other's eyes
a sanctuary in the ground
where a measure of love can be found
home is where you return to die

but night has come, it's time to rest
and try to recall happiness

close your eyes, dam the tears
wallow in the comfort of your dreams
look again, nothing remains
and you rest upon your memories
to cease the pain
what a shame it's over now

the moment of truth has arrived
when you come to terms with your lies
the neon dreams have died away
and all that's left are shades of grey
the day is gone, here comes the night
and your moment has arrived
you know that it's all over now

home, take me home
home, take me home

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