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Memories To Dust Lyrics

Album Name : Stained
Release Date : 2006-08-15
Song Duration : 3:39

Imperanon Memories To Dust

Reveal your source to me
Hold your hands out for me

To withdraw them in time
The reasons become obscured

These scars in my heart
prove my undying affection
The memories still so fresh
remind me of my infection

Heal not the wounds on me
Let them remind of you

These marks in my mind
provide my eternal damnation
The vile darkest within
directs me to my destruction

Heal not the pain in me
Let it remind of you

To withdraw everything in time
The reasons become obscured

The cruelty in my heart
pulls me in to oblivion
The memories, turned to dark,
deny me from salvation

Forever broken trust
Excuses, lies and deception
The memories turn to dust
and truth is just an illusion, for me!

Song Meanings for Memories To Dust

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