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The Great Sleep Lyrics

Album Name : Kingdom of Conspiracy
Release Date : 2013-05-14
Song Duration : 5:21

Immolation The Great Sleep
A populace unknowing
caught in a dangerous trance
so focused on the meaningless
that we've failed to see what's real
sleeping away
while the storm quietly moves in
distracted and unconcious
lost in a perpetual fog
burdened with hollow desires
failing to see our end is near
sleeping away
now awaikening
into the nightmare
our comfort breeds our numbness
our numbness fools our minds
now they've fooled us all
it's only a matter of time
paralyzed by a false sense of worth
what will it take tobreak through this coma
our standards have all been broken
oblivious to this vile coup
falling asleep, falling away from reason
hallucination of the grandest of scales
slowly we wake, too late to escape the horror
helpless we march in
and take our world away
sleeping away
while the storm, quietly moves in
sleeping away
awakening into the nightmare
sleeping away
never to awaken again

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