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Echoes Of Despair Lyrics

Album Name : Kingdom of Conspiracy
Release Date : 2013-05-14
Song Duration : 3:44

Immolation Echoes Of Despair

Feeding ourselves to the structure
Striving for all that is wrong
Crying for all the wrong reasons
Living without any souls
A sense of perversion surrounds us
Its crafted perception is fading
More obvious now is the threat
The writing is breaking the wall
Feel it all spiraling down
Slowly rising...
This ominous power...
Beast of deceit...
Creeping towards us
Ready to show its teeth
Kingdom of conspiracy
Knowledge now contained
Building up our weakness
Subduing us with awe
Watching us play their game
Watching our freedoms fade
A crescendo of unheeded cries
Now cries of the persecuted
Feel its presence expanding
Swirling gently around us
Looming like a predator
Its putrid maw will devour us all
No one but ourselves to blame
No one but ourselves to shame
Watching us all from above
Watching our freedoms sink
Branding us for life
It's all gone horribly wrong

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