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When All Is Gone Lyrics

Album Name : Long Lost Pride
Release Date : 2006-04-21
Song Duration : 4:23

Imaginery When All Is Gone

When I was young, I had all the reasons
To be scared when it was dark outside
From time to time, there was hope
When someone was dreaming on killing our foe
Then the war was over, everything has fallen to the ground
And I want you to know, that we still recover
When all is gone, and we can't start over
I don't believe we'll find the strength again
We carry on, we can't go any lower
This hate that we feel in time will fade away
The time has come to fight for glory
And try to find our long lost pride
Secure the City, and clear the streets
It's time for action, revenge is gonna come
With all we got, we're marching to your kingdom
You'll never see us in the night
Say your prayer, you gonna die today
Guitar Solos: Marcel Coenen
Keyboard Solo: Bob Katsionis

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