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Sooner Or Later Lyrics

Album Name : Patriot
Release Date : 2011-09-27
Song Duration : 2:44

Ian Stuart Sooner Or Later

You stand in the middle of the
road, you follow no creed or code
You don’t know just where your going
Your mind is in turmoil, your blood begins to boil
You don’t like the way that the river’s flowing

Sooner or later
You’re gonna change your mind
Sooner or later
I know you’ll find the truth now

The leaders that do not care, how
you or your family fare
Wealth’s the only thing that they all look to
Your heritage will be sold, for favours and alien gold
If you knew the things that they are up to, and they’re
up to


instrumental break


Lot of the things that the people
lack, have been stolen from behind their backs
But the liars tell us that it’s alright
The sooner that we all know, where the nation’s
resources go
Hope it’s not too late before we all stand and fight

(chorus) x2

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