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A Single Word Lyrics

Album Name : Put On Fresh Paint
Release Date : 1998-10-07
Song Duration : 3:27

Husking Bee A Single Word

What can I do for you?
The only thought of you sets my heart at rest
Can you make out this feeling?
I wanna nestle close to you but I can't right now

If it had not been for your tenderness
I would not have faith in myself
If it had not been for your contempet
I would have lived in idleness

You can move me by just a single word
You can save me by a deep word
Sometimes you are as somple as a child
Sometimes you try to be so tough

I thought the same thing again and again
I can't even say a single word to you yet

Your figure still haunts my eyes
Did you notice my mixed feelings?
A single word,"Thanks"
The word hangs on the tip of my tongue
You walk your own way at so much ease
Your presence brightens up my heart

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