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How Do I Forget Lyrics

Album Name : Hunter Revenge
Release Date : 2001-01-01
Song Duration : 3:06

Hunter Revenge How Do I Forget

i know the cause
i know the reason
i know it’s over
but i just can’t believe it
i don’t want you back
i don’t want romance
i don’t want your love
i don’t want another chance

tell me baby,
how do i forget?

it’s all so different
different than before
i found a job
at the video store
i see your face
in every line
i hear your voice
and it almost makes me cry

i can’t go out anymore
it just doesn’t feel right
i take the phone off the hook
on saturday night
i forive the names
and i forgive my kiss
but i just can’t forget you
baby please please please

How do I forget?

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