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Betty La Rue Lyrics

Hoyt Axton Betty La Rue

She was three days late-two dollars short
And her eyes were red and blinkin'
Betty La Rue took a downer or two
And then she started drinkin'

Reverend Lee he was down on his knees
He was prayin' while she was sinkin'
Betty La Rue had a bottle or two
Just to ease the pain of thinkin'

I was out back by the railroad track
When I heard the preacher sayin'
"Betty La Rue, you know, the trouble with you
Is you never spent enough time prayin'"

And she said, "Back off, man
Don't you understand?
I'm oh, so tired of cryin',
Lost my child and my man's in jail
And I'd just as soon be dyin'"

Oh, the Preacher called for Doctor Hall
And the good man he came flyin'
He looked in her eyes and he held her hand
And he said, "This poor girl's dying."

Betty La Rue had a guilt or two
And she know she was in danger
When a light in the skies hit her right in they eyes
And she saw a shining stranger

Repeat chorus

The shining man seemed to understand
And his eyes were clear and steady
He held his hand, like a natural man
He said, "We'll go when you're ready"

Betty La Rue didn't know what to do
And her heart was filled with sorrow
But, she took his hand to the promised land
Where she found a bright tomorrow

The Doctor sighed and said, "She's died!"
But, we did our best to save her
There's no one to blame-it's a crying shame
The raw deal that life gave her."

Repeat chorus

Hallelujah-Glory Hallelujah
Betty La Rue, Betty La Rue's gone to heaven

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