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Big Trouble Lyrics

Album Name : Crooked Teeth
Release Date : 2013-04-23
Song Duration : 3:58

House Vs. Hurricane Big Trouble

This is my quest
Once related now means nothing else to me
Fall, I have fallen by the ways of mediocrity
Leave, it's what my heart screams
God, when will the punishment end

This freedom is my being
Don't bite the hand that feeds
We're done being your puppets
Long live the master

So sick and tired, so sick and tired of not living a

For as long as I can remember
For as long as I can recall
There's no one that's lived forever
'Cause the will bury us all

This is not my goodbye
I'll be back again
For the answer to mean something new to me
Dead, we'll be dead to the ways of mediocrity
Life, is what defines us you'll never know till it
bites you
God, when will the punishment end

Check one
This is my only quest
Check two
Bring it on back
Check me
Ringing out the truth
Check yours
Leave your doubt at the door

I hope that you find
The pieces of everything you've left behind
'Cause I know that you wanted
You wanted so much more
So much than you've settled for

There's so much more for you
You've settled for less than you

The earth will bury us all

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