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Note To Self (no. 81) Lyrics

Album Name : The Grey Space
Release Date : 2008-08-16
Song Duration : 9:14

Horrorshow Note To Self (no. 81)

I wrote this one with the windows open/ to let in some fresh air or maybe I was half hopin’/ I could fly away from it all/ find a brighter day/ but im here to live my life/ and ill find a way.

I got to thinking/ you know that it aint so bad/ I got my friends and my brother and my mum and my dad/ and I’m thankful for that/ sorry I don’t show it enough/ these are the people that I turn to when the going gets tough/ what up? I give thanks to my mates and crew/ like the boys say together we gonna make it through/ and the same goes for you too wherever you hail from/ the words may change but we’re singing the same song.

Its in the key of life/ though we might forget the tune from time to time/ man we’ll be alright./look at the metres gained/stand in todays sun/
you can't yet deal with tomorrow's rain

See that’s life kid/ we just tryna live it right kid/ cause itll pass in the blink of an eyelid/ so get your smile on and pull your hands high/ stay happy with the now til tomorrow arrives.

If these walls could talk im not sure id wanna listen/ it’s a fine line between a game and a competition/ but sometimes I sit back and look at how far we’ve come and its hard to believe it only just begun/ sometimes I wonder if you really understand the drive I find inside your encouragement/ sometimes I think of the days way back/ before the hurt crept in and tainted that household name/ love that very households name/ and now that house holds painful memorys for some/ endless card games, road trips charades/ remember the good times im sure there plenty more to come/ see im here now/ ear to ear now/ couldn’t see for the storm but horizon’s clear now/ and I just want to leave you with these words: no matter where each of us ends up on this earth for what its worth

I just want you all to know that I will love you all forever x 11

Cause what’s life/but a journey of bus fares and train rides/long days late nights kick snares and bass lines/ hearts broken and tears shed/ good times spent with dear friends/ from sunrise down to sunset/ theres still breath in my chest/ so ima keep walking the line and no I aint done yet/ see I know it can be hard at times/ but you only get one shot don’t let it pass you by.

So what if you haven’t yet met the love of your life/ so what if you’ve had your fair share of trouble and strife/ what I m sayin’ when im rhyming this verse/ is I realize we have so little time on this earth/ so from my people down the front to the kid up the back/ let me see you crack a smile if you feelin’ the track/ let go of your sorrow and be glad youre alive/ lets all be happy with the now til tomorrow arrives.

See that’s life kid/ we just tryna live it right kid/ cause itll pass in the blink of an eyelid/ so get your smile on and pull your hands high/stay happy with the now til tomorrow arrives x 2

Talk to em adit.

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