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LAL Lyrics

Album Name : Life After Liftoff
Release Date : 2007-10-14
Song Duration : 3:38

Hillcrest Road LAL

As kids we search this world for a logic of relevance
Wandering and wondering, solemnly trying to make sense
Of who we are or what we'll become

Well this is my story
So join with me in song and dance
Offer up your inquiry

As kids we're so unaware, so in and out of reality
Sauntering and pondering with adolescent mentality
Of who we are, or what we'll become

So as we travel in our metaphorical time machine
Yeah, as we travel we ask, oh oh, we ask
"What is my destination?"

As kids we're oblivious with a lack of certainty
Traveling its so baffling only music sets us free
So let's dive right in, we're up to our necks
Let's not forget to breath as we take this leap
Regardless of our social apathy

We're gonna go until the end of time

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