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Raise Your Right Hand Lyrics

Hill Country Revue Raise Your Right Hand

You tell me you're tired
Of guys puttin' you on
You want an honest man
Who won't let you down
If you take a chance
I'll take one too
We'll try this together
Just me and you
If you can witness for love
Come on and take the stand
Get ready for the real thing
Stand up and raise your right hand
I know how you feel
I feel the same too
You've been hurt bad
And I've been hurt too
Makes no differance
It's all in the past
Lets get on the case
And make this thing last
I can tell by your eyes
You don't know what to do
Hurt so many times
Left you so confused
And deep in your mind
You're still full of doubt
And we don't need no lawyer
To figure this out

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