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Exfugo Lyrics

High Holy Days Exfugo

I got a feeling I can't explain
I got a need that I can't contain
The look around here it's pretty plain
Nothing changes it's staying the same
I got it right here, I got it right now
Come on baby won't you help me out

I'm living in a northern town ya
And I said I know everybody now and
All their saying is "Get the hell out of here"
I'm going to the sacred place where
No one's gonna know my faces and
All their saying, "How's your life now?"
Pack your bags
Hit this road
I don't need advice
I got my insights
It's not hard to figure out

Life is crazy when you're down on your knees
I'm looking everywhere I'm begging please
And maybe one day, you'll see it my way
I won't be acting like life's your disease no
I'm going to leave this town
Going to have that now
Destined somewhere gonna figure it out


And you think dreams are bigger than life now
Let me show you said their smaller then me
I'm going to see this world
I'm going to have that girl
I'm out here and there's so much to see
And then I'll turn around
I'm looking for the backdrop sound
I can't hear that bullshit town now
And then it comes to me
I said it's far to see
Looking forward saying that's all right now


You can search, search for a lifetime
To find meaning in something that's right
Here you are bent to the grindstone
If you were young you'd live more for the life
It's been the same as long as I've known you
But not today
I'm living, I'm living, I'm living my life

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