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Praise The Lord Lyrics

Helloween Praise The Lord

Halleluja, homines,
Gaudete de domino,
Qui donat vita omnes, quod amat nos!

Rejoice, men,
About the Lord,
Who gives everyone life, because he loves us!

Halleluja, mi deus,
Tu vivis omnipotens,
Tu es semper, benignus, tu amas nos!

Oh God of mine,
You live all-powerful,
You are always kind, you love us!

Pater noster in caelis
Totum orbem terrae regnat
Et vincit diabolum timorem
Et omnium hominum

Our father in the heavens
Rules the whole world
And defeats wicked fear
Of all men

O laudate dominum!
Praedicate deum
Amate creatorem,
Qui creavit mundum
Oh, laudate dominum!

Oh praise the lord!
Boast of God,
Love the father,
Who created the earth.
Oh praise the lord!

Ecce, et te vult Jesus liberare,
Ducere per vitam tuus amicus, gaude tu!

Look, Jesus also wishes to free you,
Your friend (wishes) to lead (you) through life, praise (him)!

Amici, dimittite
Mente malam pravamque!
Anima accipite salvam fidem!

Friends, break away evil
And wrong from the mind!
Receive sound faith in your heart!

Jesus Christus in cruce
De vita decessit dolens
Sed de morte resurrexit lux mundi nova

Jesus Christ on the cross, sad,
Retired from life
But a new light arose from his death

O laudate dominum!
Filium Jesum Christum
Omnium redemptorem
Et spiritum sanctum!
O laudate dominum! ...

Oh praise the lord!
Jesus Christ, the son,
Savior of all
And a sacred spirit!
Oh praise the lord!

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