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Her In These Lights Lyrics

Hello Stranger Her In These Lights

Back then when we were young
Who thought this day would ever come
After all this time
Some dreams are coming true
Some of us just can't get through
After all this time
And all my friends are trying to reach some end
Trying to pretend that we're alright now
I see her in these lights as the setting night
There you and I are standing still
The years dissolving into stronger will
After all this time
Everything we've torn apart
We've built back with stronger hearts
I'm so afraid of how long I've made you stay
The choices we made but In the end, dear
Who cares who did it right if only we had survived
The things I've seen so far away
Are getting closer everyday
After all this time
And all I want when this is done
To say I tried, say we had fun
After all this time
When she fright in some way
Some piece of mine is all of the time
The time we've been right here
Nothing will be the same
We keep playing the game
Here comes a girl her eyes like stars now
She's given me a fearless heart
After all this time

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