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Lost In The Everglades Lyrics

Hello Marquee Lost In The Everglades

A bold heart, a man without a question
yet too young, too young to comprehend
this world is at its end, just double the atom bomb

a mountain man, lost in the rain, don't complain
but we all know the way, everything's the same
we're all the same

this city burns a whole in your heart
it says you're perfect
i wanna hear you breathe
my baby

girl you have a lot to learn,
you've gotta stay in line and wait your turn
you think you're the belle of the ball
you hear the question fall

are you alive?
aren't you a friend of mine?
you better not this time
a different pair of eyes.

cant fit another lush in my life.
i can't waste my time.
and babe you know I'm right, because i tried
you waste my time

Red dust in the sky
this world is out of time.
so we hold our hearts, taking flight.
this is perfect,
this is perfect.
and nobody knows why

and nobody knows, no nobody knows why

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