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Lady Of The Fire Lyrics

Album Name : The Magic City
Release Date : 1997-09-09
Song Duration : 2:19

Helium Lady Of The Fire

Lady, queen of fire, come on, be my girl, oh… yeah
Why I can't let you be is a mystery
to me

I can't believe what you just said
Over my body when you know that I'm dead
I was born underground, I had two horns
And I'm gonna make love to the unicorn

Come on, boy

Baby, I'm gonna watch you roll, I'm outta control, oh…
It's this electricity, won't let me be

Electric hearts may cause a fire,
I can't be messin' with the "human desire"
'Cause I found a star on its final course
Above a rider, on a big white horse

let's ride into the future

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