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Please Won't Please Lyrics

Helado Negro Please Won't Please

[Verse 1]
Left out
An ocean on top
Blue tie
And orange won't let go
Let me be
Please won't please

[Verse 2]
Blush now
They can't know
History shows
Brown won't go
Brown just glows

[Chorus 1]
And we'll light
Ourselves on fire
Just to see
Who really
Wants to believe
That it's just me

[Verse 3]
Humor in hair
Half me
With something to spare
Rhythm folds
Now go untold

[Verse 4]
My mistake
Old burn
Let it take you days
And for days now
I'll wait around

[Chorus 2]
And we'll light
Our lives on fire
Just to see
If anyone will come
What's left of me

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