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I Need You Lyrics

Album Name : Rewerk - EP
Release Date : 2010-07-28
Song Duration : 5:12

Hedone I Need You

Standing here since some years
I can see the crowds on the streets
They are looking like a flowers
But their smell is like a shit
They are walking through the water
They are coming up and down
I can` t see your face my master
There is too much clouds on the sky

So come here down to me
Show me your film
Answer my question
And color my day
Last time you were so nice
Last time you drank too much
I will take this f..cking poison
But don` t shout at me again
It` s better to hear the noise
That your f..cking angry voice:

I need you
You need me
It sounds like a shit
It smells like a shit
It is like a shit
To be with you again

Hey look!
The sky is like in 1939
Hey hear!
It` s sounds like in 1939
Hey you!
Your voice is like in 1939
Hey you!
Your face looks like in 1939
Hey you!
Your smile is like in 1939
Nothing had changed
Since the time I....

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