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Heavy D & The Boyz Nike

"Ni-Ni-Nike-Nikes" [Heavy D] N-N-N-Nikes I'm for 'em, out the store I bought 'em And on the b-b-basketbll c-court is where I score them I'm a, Nike bro I sing SOPRANO acapello Every, tour that I go, oh no, I won't forget 'em It's a dangerous thing, never leave home without 'em Trade in my Nikes I won't even think about it On my beat the Nike's sleeker, the other kicks are weaker Eddie F pushes the button, the beat comes out the speaker The boy can do the dancin, he also does romancin And when I park my Blazer in my Nikes I'll be p-p-prancin "Niiiiiiii-kes" {*repeat 2X*} [Heavy D] Oh what a relief! They have red ones, yellow ones, black ones too White on white, green on white, just to name a few My crew is fully equipped from ah, the tops to bottom Everything Nike makes, Heavy D & the Boyz got 'em So hurry up-ah, run to the store, go get a pair Guaranteed to be the #1 sneaker of the year If you're buy yourself, get some for your crew We wear N-Nikes so you should wear N-Nikes too "The Nike-the Nike-the Nike-the Nike" {*4X*} "Niiiiiiii-kes" {*repeat 2X*} [Heavy D] What else can I say? (Nike) We didn't do this cause we had to We did this cause we wanted to All we wear is Nike, I sleep with Nikes Ah-aha-ha-ah-ah-ah-Nikes {*Nike samples repeated to fade*}

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