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So Serious Lyrics

Heather Hunter So Serious

Double H!
Queens, where ya at! (Get 'em!)
So serious! (So sincere!)
Stand up! (So, so, so so...)
Look out! (Not a problem, I can handle this show!)

[Verse 1]
I can get gangsta if you wish
You should listen to them when they say "Don't f..ck with this bitch!"
Real gritty, real grime when it's time
Bitch wishing they could press rewind
Before my people, 'fore my people took it to the streets
Before the beef, before I took the Mac up on my creep
Yeah, I'm a fancy broad
But you cross me and I'm on you hard!
Like a project building sitting on your chest
Brick, I'm taking all your breath!
Oh, why I got to be so harsh now?
Show these motherfuckers how I can get down! (Get down!)

So serious, so sincere
So curious, so beware!
Not a problem, I can handle this show
It's not an issue of who you f..cking with, no! (2x)

[Verse 2]
Ha ha ha, I find y'all funny
Laugh at me while I get the money, money!
"What, you wanna be a rapper now?"
What? Y'all haters mad at my style
I got pull while y'all got real bullshit
Can't stand the rain? Bitches, get a grip!
Y'all got little shows, I got bigger those
Me jealous of a chick? HELL NO!
That don't even sound right to me now
No followin' leader, I ain't no f..ckin' clown
Believe I'm the boss bitch 'round here
Such game switch frame, I switch change!


[Verse 3]
I gets money when I'm sleeping
Reach in my Louie pockets, mad dougie, chick you eating
I see you green with envy
While I'm spitting what's in me, and that's the illest shiz!
They should call me Benji
It's short for Benjamin, not the dog, bitch!
I'm hotness, you an oven hog, trick
You don't really wanna run it with me
It's just the beginning, turn me up 100 degrees!


Ladies, stand up! (Stand up!)
We run this! (We run this!)
So, so, so, so serious!
I can handle this show!
Uptown's Finest!

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