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Raised On You Lyrics

Album Name : Bebe le Strange
Release Date : 2004-06-29
Song Duration : 3:21

Heart Raised On You

You are the only one
You save me from myself
My company shows on me
I've been raised on you
I've been raised on you
I've been raised on you

And when it ain't no fair
Nothing's left to do
But sit down here and have a beer
Whatever the world wants to choose
Whatever, whatever, whatever

Don't let it fade
Don't trade love away
Just keep a, keep a
Keep a sweet dream true

Let's go tell the world
To quit turning cold
Just let me be raised, let me be raised
Raised on you

Don't have to change just now
We can laugh about the load
I can see us later, lighted eyes
Likely be laughing
Down, down, down, down the road

I've been raised, raised, raised
Raised, raised

Oh, oh, oh
I've been raised
I've been raised
I've been raised
Raised, raised, raised

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