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Down On Me Lyrics

Album Name : Bebe le Strange
Release Date : 2004-06-29
Song Duration : 4:47

Heart Down On Me

Please, please, please don't fight me baby
You know this silence has got to stop
Didn't you used to want, to know my mind
But now, I even hate to bring that up

You get so down, oh down on me

All, all, all these nights I rocked you
Don't, didn't I lay it on you enough
Wasn't it enough
I always gave you something wild and sweet, oh, oh, oh yeah
But it's hard, it's hard to keep it up

When you get so down, down, down
Oh yeah down on me

Gently, gently I wanna dance you darlin'
Breathin', breathe it in slowly groovin'
Wrapped around in a sweet, sweet, sweet chains
I feel romance when we move

When we move, oh oh yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

You know, you know I can't resist
I got a need for you
So please baby reach into your kindest mind
Oh, oh yeah
Baby tell me what I am going to do?

If it all comes down, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
If it all comes down, oh, oh, yeah, yeah
If it all comes down, all comes down, all comes down
All comes down on me, all comes down on me
Oh baby it all comes down on me

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