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On April 2 Lyrics

Album Name : Some Racing, Some Stopping
Release Date : 2008-02-19
Song Duration : 2:36

Headlights On April 2

Despite the weather coming through
They chose to leave on April 2
It's strange to me and strange to you
We thought better
The windowsills they frame your view
And your friends have their opinions too
I'm sure they'll pass them onto you
For good measure

And you change just like the day to night
It's calm outside
We're waiting for you

Pass the road that takes us home
No farther than you normally go
Cross the bridge it seems they're all alone for no

And I can feel the winter air
Outside the buildings seem to glare
Their light upon my face now I can feel it

Change just like the day to night
I stand outside waiting
Change just like the day to night
I'll stand outside waiting

Oh, how they day will pass
The time will seem to last and last
But the day will pass
The day will pass
The day will pass on by
on by

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