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Peons (feat. Big Flock) Lyrics

Hb The Engineer Peons (feat. Big Flock)

[verse 1: Big Flock]
B*tch I'm big glocka you know who I am
Move them pounds like I'm smack out the gym
From my last lick could of bought me a benz
But said ‘f*ck it' bought firearms for my men's
Beat the block up beat the pack with my man
I love popping molly white or the tan
Load the revolver you f*ck with my friends
No h*m* I been in love with ben
I spend 5 or better for every lens
B*tch i'm balling like i'm jer-remy lin
Two glicks on me like i'm carrying twins
Pour a six so I can drown all my sins
Damn we love them choppas they never jamming

[HB The Engineer]
Why you think I trust Big Flock with the hammer

[Big Flock]
N*gg*s love purpin, know they lil cancer
Moonwalking with them shooters no dancing
Naw naw naw, I do not f*ck with no peons
N*gg* I'm warrior just like Cleon
They watch a n*gg* try to see what we be on
Baby girl you know I'm shooting like Dion
Do you want Percocet's i'm off like three of em'

[HB The Engineer]
Hey Mr. perk man you know that I need one

[Big Flock]
Twelve years old off the pourch all in the neon
With that choppa ready send your ass to the E.R

[Hook: Big Flock]
I do not f*ck with no peons [x4]
I, dont f*ck with no peons [x2]
I'm a smoke him when I see him
I was twelve years old been totting machine guns

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