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Forbidden Forest Hockey League Lyrics

Album Name : Harry Potter Complete Collection
Release Date : 2010-11-19
Song Duration : 26:05

Harry & The Potters Forbidden Forest Hockey League

Hagrid and I went to pick out the Hogwarts Christmas trees
In the Forbidden Forest who did we meet?
Well, all the unicorns
And all of the centaurs
Were playing hockey

Bard took a puck in the face
Then Hagrid went in to take his place
And the unicorns needed a goalie
And I had two hands so I said,
'How 'bout me!'

And that's how we joined the Forbidden Forest Hockey League

The Giant Squid was the referee
He called out Firenze on a penalty
And when the whistle blew we were tied at two
Being an overtime goalie is as scary as You-Know-Who

And that's how we play in the Forbidden Forest Hockey League

Dumbledore came and danced on the ice
Then he drove the Zamboni and cleaned it up real nice
The overtime started out all right
Then Johnny Centaur went into the box for a fight
I was kick saving pucks like a Mighty Duck
And with the power play on the Unicorns scored and we won!

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