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On It (feat. Scotty Cain & Byrd) Lyrics

Harley Ken On It (feat. Scotty Cain & Byrd)

[Verse 1: Harley Ken]
Bitches they love me, they see me, Ah, I'm fresh as a coffin
Stunting on these hoes, Stone Cold Steve Austin
Three in the morning, I'm dranking, I'm sipping I know where that ac at
Four in the morning, I'm grinding I'm hustling I know where that sack at
My money, my paper, my people, my blood, don't play bout that
Maybach music, gunplay bout that
Hello? Hello? I'm in the studio
That's my bitch hitting, she thinking I'm out with another ho
Woop woop woop woop woop woop woop, there go 5-0
On ten five forties, had to take five more
My bitch keep calling, she calling, she know that I'm lying
Police behind me, you know that I'm flying
I'm falling, I'm tripping, I'm loaded, I don't know what to do
This bitch gone take the charge, ho this your coupe
That blue pass, wouldn't even f..cking with me
If I would have went to jail, Byrd would come and get me

[Hook: Byrd, Harley Ken (adlib)]
4 o' clock in the morning everybody sleeping
Police riding, the junkies tweaking
My bitch hot, she think I'm cheating
I'm on the block, bitch I'm out here eating
I'm on it, I'm on it, I'm on it (I'm on it)
I'm on it, I'm on it, I'm on it (Bitch I'm on it)
I'm on it, I'm on it, I'm on it (I'm on it)
I'm on it, I'm on it, I'm on it (Bitch I'm on it)

[Verse 2: Byrd]
I pop molly, I sip syrup, at the same damn time
Think I'm scared to hit the block, you out your goddamn mind
I be whipping and hustling, grinding trapping
Hitting my licks my money is stacking
Niggas they looking, they plotting to jack me
What? Say who? I don't know what happened
Why your bitches hit me up?
Talking how you broke and how your girlfriend want to lick me up
Begging Byrdy, Byrdy, will you please come pick me up
Bitch I got that .40 if your boyfriend try to stick me up
I'm back just like I never left
Pushed me in the dirt, got it out the mud my f..cking self
Imma keep eating off the table 'till it's nothing left
Can't stay in the game cause you arguing with the f..cking ref


[Scotty Cain]
Rolling the blunt while I'm whipping
Cup full of mud and I'm sipping
My bitch steady calling me tripping
Bitch I'm trapping stay out of my business
Four in the morning I'm catching the plays
We ready for war, we flex with the K's
Finess for a brick, we gone extra get payed
You bout getting money come catch you a wave
Floating in the Audi with my nigga Pablo
Try finessing me we knock beef out your taco
Then score another pack, say Unc, I need it pronto
Ex bitch want me to come see her but I'm like f..ck that dumb ho
Trap jumping, got a yard full of cars like a car show
Work booming, got junkies in a line like we got free gumbo
Don't answer the phone, they beat down the door, gotta get a new front door
And if the police get behind me Imma toss that pack like Rondo


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