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The Prodigal Son Lyrics

Album Name : I Saw the Light (Remastered)
Release Date : 2001-02-27
Song Duration : 2:27

Hank Williams The Prodigal Son

Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr.

[G] A Prodigal son once [C] strayed from his [G] father
To travel a land of [A] hunger and [D] pain
And [G] now I can see the [C] end of my [G] journey
I'm going to [D] heaven a-[G] gain.

I leave you the day, to help all your neighbors
I leave you the night, to solemnly pray
So try to repent and ask for forgiveness
We'll meet up in heaven, someday.

Goodbye to this world, with all its sorrows
Goodbye to the fields, that I used to roam
I'm going away where, life is eternal
My Shepherd is callin me home.

From out of the sky, He's coming to meet me
To wash all my sins and call me His own
His servants will bring, a ring for my finger
And never no more will I roam.

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