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I Machine Lyrics

Album Name : Halo In Reverse
Release Date : 2008-05-20
Song Duration : 4:15

Halo In Reverse I Machine

I want to claw the skin away
Tear off the purest disease
This twisted chunk of flesh and metal
Run out of grease to turn with ease

These wires hang these circuits burned
This systems (?) all used up
All functions broke no way to turn
Ripped out torn apart and all f..cked up

You left me here to rot alone
As rust seeps through at every pore
This metal laces up the bone
As scraps of skin fall to the floor

I machine from flesh to steel
No sense left I have nothing to feel
You gave me life then sucked it out
Took everything I have and gave it someone else

This (?) your stench your stink
Just won't let go of me
Even the hand of god can't seem
To pry you off of me
Your taste your smell your sex
Just won't come off of me
I'll scrub my skin my soul
To get you out of me

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