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Take Back The Fear Lyrics

Album Name : Take Back the Fear - Single
Release Date : 2010-03-29
Song Duration : 3:44

Hail The Villain Take Back The Fear

What I believe is all that I am
Take it away, I'm only a man
Back from the dead and now it appears
I'll be the one to take back the fear

Kill or be killed, that isn't me
Maybe it's you dying to be
Somebody else. Man of the year
But I am the one to take back the fear

Don't want anything taken away
(Someone, anyone)
Taken away from me
It's all that I believe

Message of hate, fading away
My love and my failures "one in the same"
Now that I'm back, painfully clear
But I'll be the one to take back the fear


When it seems that everything was all a dream
Everything's not what it seems
Even I cannot believe in me easily
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