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Walk By Lyrics

Album Name : Good Charlotte
Release Date : 2000-04-09
Song Duration : 2:42

Good Charlotte Walk By

She walks down to the store at eight,
The devil walks with her and he thinks she's great,
When she looks at me, I don't know what I saw,
I think he's tryin' to make me his son in law

When she,
Walks by, walks by, walks by, she walks on by
[Chorus Ends]

Egos fly when she walks by,
She caught my eye on October 9th,
22 days before Halloween, How did I know she'd be my evil queen,

[Chorus Ends]

My mother warned me against girls like you,
She said stay away from them son, you know they're not true,
All they're gonna do is put you under a spell, she told me,
When you're fallin' down, you're going straight to hell

[Chorus Ends]

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