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B-girls Lyrics

Glass Candy B-girls

The beginning was a word
So simple and plain
It filled me with pain when it hit
I tried to run away
Crawled into a hole so deep I could not see the
Fancy golden angels on the trophy shelf

The beginning was a word
Crystal clear to the core
It filled me with horror, where do I fit?
I tried to run away
Crawled into a hole so dark
I could not see to fancy myself

Last year showed we can’t hide from much
Hawks and doves get classified as such
Boys drive by
Their eyes try to touch
Fluffy bunnies, soft and furry
Dart away, white and blurry
Hide in the shadow of the garden
Why do my hands repel them?
Is there safety in the roses?
Why do they do the things they do?
Why close the door behind you?
One door opens as another closes
This is what compels
Why try to dispel?
I used to dream that they could talk
They’d look up and they say

This summer I’ve been getting buff
Getting strong but not too tough
I’ve been playing hard
Hard, but not too rough
The back of my neck’s getting burnt and pretty
I’ve been pumping hard to the pulse of the city
Like a B-Girl
Beauty’s flying from my breast
Like robin’s from a nest
I can see it in you too cause we’re fly girls
We’re fly girls
We’re fly girls

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