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Doer Of Your Word Lyrics

Album Name : Glad Collector's Series
Release Date : 1998-06-26
Song Duration : 4:10

Glad Doer Of Your Word

Doer of Your word (Bob Kauflin)

Doer of Your word

I looked in the mirror of Your word knowing I'd see
A clear reflection of what You saw in me
You gently showed me the state my heart was in
And how the world had deceived me again
Went away determined to take the narrow path
But in a moment my foolish ways were back
It's elementry there must be something wrong
And I'm starting to realize this can't go on

Doer of Your word
Ever forget the truth I've learned
Doer of Your word
I wanna be a doer of Your word
Obeying everything I've heard
Doer of Your word

It's not the first time its happened won't be the last
I think I'm finally mature but just a little too fast
I close my Bible convinced I'm really changed
But I'm not any different 'til I obey
I wanna be a doer of Your word

What does it mean to call You Lord of my life
If I ignore the things You say
Help me remember that my greatest delight
Is following Your commands
And give me strenght to stand and be a doer of Your

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