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Richie Dagger's Crime Lyrics

Album Name : (MIA): The Complete Anthology
Release Date : 2005-07-26
Song Duration : 1:56

Germs Richie Dagger's Crime

I'm Richie Dagger
I can stomp and swagge
I can take on all your heroes
I'm Richie Dagger
I'm young and I'm haggard
The boy that nobody owns
He sits in his corner
like a child despised
A crazy sort of cast comes
over his eyes-
That's Richie Dagger's crime
He's the sort of a boy that was
never much loved
His idea of fun was society's grudge-
That's Richie Dagger's crime
His life was such a mess
And his friends weren't
quite the best
We're vision rapers and
we seed the signs
You'll play your part in the master mind
Middle: We lead the science
We deal in riots
We play by ideal time
We're a gov'ment fix
All social convicts
Watch the rhymes


Bleed your heart out-that's all it's worth
Before you ever start-and we planned it first
Forget the turth-accept your cure

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