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Home Run Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Gary Private on Select Records - EP
Release Date : 2014-01-13
Song Duration : 3:01

Gary Private Home Run

1st base, a nice place, but I wouldn’t want to stay there
Home base is your place, if I baby, baby, just play fair
Yeah if I score baby just play fair

Well I’ve got 1 strike! I know your countin on me
2 strikes, your lil MVP
3 strikes , to give you what you need

I’m going fore a Home Run
Home Run right out of the park
Home Run
A Home Run….into your heart!

2 away. Men on base, you can even hear a p/in drop
A short stop at your place is gonna put me right on top
Yeah, I’m gonna be right on top

Well I’ve got: 1 strike ! I could hit a line drive
2 strikes: To keep your love alive
3 strikes: and cheering by my side

Well I’ve got: 1 Strike! I’ve got my eye on the ball
2 strikes, and the centerfield wall
3 strikes, I’m giving you it all- CHORUS

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