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Mood Swings Lyrics

Ganksta Nip Mood Swings

[Verse One]
Straight outta South Park a real as nigga
Up in Corpus Christ Texas with my Mexican killas
We comin up together getting fortune and fame
A wise man told me that you need allies in the game
And big gats muthafucka, we all got triggas
Nine-nine ain't bullshiting I'll kill me a nigga
See I don't [??] shit bitch your head will get cracked
Talkin down on Psycho Nip and your get murdered for that
Ho ass nigga, that's the reason why the Psych stay high
Psych Ward Wreckless Klan S.P.C. till I die
And BITCH, we move something, your ass will get stomped
My partner Q-Boy gotta muthafuckin Twelve gauge pump
Shot 'em all did the job, somebody got robbed
And Nip will eat the fresh like it's corn on the cob
Keep is real, you know I gotta keep shit hype
And this ain't nuthin but a muthafuckin graveyard site (nigga)


I be having mood swings
Good is what the mood brings
I be having mood swings
Evil is what the mood brings


[Verse Two]
Verse two is like a muthafuckin gun to your head
I'll let you see the pictures of the children that bled
Everybody always wanna seem to call me crazy
The trash can is where you find most dead babies
Mood swings, lyrics over hard-core beats
It's kinda like a german shepherd hit on the streets
By a big muthafuckin truck, speeding and shit
And poor little german shepherd bleeding and shit
See I'ma born psychopath, I shed no fear
And I'm the hardest muthafuckin nigga rappin out here
And I got knowlegde of self I finna make history
Mosque 45 F-O-I and N-G-T
I come to unify Whites, Latinos, and Blacks
And rats they survive around true ass cats
And keep is real you know I gotta keep shit hype
And this ain't nuthin but a muthafuckin graveyard site

[hook x2]

[Verse Three]
Toe tag killa plus I wrap you up in plastic
People killin other people say it's just a [???]
Mood swings come and I do have plenty
And this is telling me to go kill twenty
Muthafuckas lay it down in the Gosh darn street
And Scagnetti is the mind behind this dope ass beat
Psycho Nip is the master and they kick it now
And when we see a dead body we gon' walk on by

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