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Round Here Lyrics

Album Name : American Folk, Game and Activity Songs for Children
Release Date : 2000-01-25
Song Duration : 1:01

Game Round Here

They stuntin down there, they stuntin down there
They donít want me to send them trucks around here
Hundred niggas a pop up around here
With the pumpin round here, get to dumpin down there
Tell me why you creeps snapped, is it cuz I leaped
You so fast and I didnít even speak fat
Youís a joke and cheap laugh
Stop rappin, do yourself a favor and eat glass
I play f..ckin kick ball with you bean bags
Iím at 11 so high, you canít breeze past
Iím 10 pounds, youís a seat in the weed bag
Come on nigga, whereís the weed at?
You donít want my face to be the face you see
In yo dream and the reason you awake from sleep
We used to it down here, we movin it down here
We servin out more than Patrick Ewing to down here
Floppy mira mira we speak it fluent down here
We get bricks cuz we know what weíre f..ckin doin round
I squeeze clips and gats, with your knees hips and back
Watch your knees when collapse then proceed flippin
What? Youís a G picture that
With a digital camera and a freezed butcherís snack
Get hype enough and the pipeís a bust
Youíll see all types of stuff despite your guts
So lighten up guy for all you see is lightning up high
In a casket, lay white for your size
Last nigga tried to give me slack and then bun
I caught him, his face played petty pack with the gun

In the game we take your top off, we gang bangin niggas
Not soft in Californ-a-yay, you get there knocked off
I put a hole in one nigga, this is not golf
Iíll kill you then personally drop the box off
Throw the silencer on, knock your moms and pops off
With the shit pots on, they get the Glock off
Send me evidence, I just play the cops off
Niggas in the hood know every time bein popped off, the
whole block get boxed off
What the f..ck would ever stop falling?
My hollows is burn in yo mouth like hot sauce
I can tell you what the watch cost
11-5, thatís the best price
They tell you 10 and they lyin, I got them fresh whites
From overseas niggas all got cocoa leaves, you could
move boats of weed
Everywhere I go keep the stows with me
I donít know what you rap niggas is supposed to be
I stay in the hood, gang bangin and dockin
They notice me, now f..ck with Eminem OB D12, you canít
Busta Rhymes in here
Who the f..ck called me?
I was just 1-2 hova lee, with my eyes on the crew never
longed to me
I got it come and take it but you gotta watch your back
Down here yea, down here yea
Ainít no mixtape slangin we too busy gang bangin
Down here yea, down here yea
They took on mellowís cane, nigga all-star game
Round here yea, round her eyea
See runnin blue bandanas wrapped around gun handles

Niggas wanna know the deal round here
Got my young niggas throwin up the deal round here
In Harlem all my thugs is keep the deal up here
Remember Marlin from the f..ck, he got gilled up here
But nothing blaze to us, do you feel what you hear?
I was runnin round stupid packin steel with no fear
My attitude is f..ck them cops bust them shots, I gotta
get it man
Turnin rocks, set up shop and hit the strip of jam
My squad up in here f..ck I care, this is the life you
Crashing gear never scared, we live in such a speed
Yea, but these chicks is up here
We runnin up the board, wait our waiters up there yea
And to this moola gang bang
Bang bang, you see the mob bang when you go brain
Yea, we get it poppin up here
East side to west side, we knockin up here
Uh, you get your way from up here
Dope hope and haze, got that flavor up here
Yea yea so donít get brazy up here
One false move and you get sprayed up off here

Round here you boop until that shot spin
On stitches cuz every nigga up on my block real
We eatin round here yea
Round here they call me Bishop
Just look, Iím the nigga that pops it
Every rockís in my watch when I drop through
So I keep shots in the ox when I drive through
When I suggest your mommy just pops through
Cuz we on the block
The reason they drop the property vow
You get eaten

The cane cut, I came up from the soft white
The game bucked, my changeup, Iím the boss type here
Plus I pulls ice and diplomats flippin crack
We like Air Force ones how we off white here
I got gope and itís stretched in the joint
I got birds and you heard still stressin the boink
Iím still stressin the point that I could write a check
wit you
Commas that come before the decimal point
Yea, round here we could get it pumpin in
Round here yea you could catch me stuntin in that V12
black Rolls cuz he sell that coke
Thatís why I clock bitches like a female track coach

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