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Last Supper Lyrics

Album Name : The Dope Game
Release Date : 2013-08-13
Song Duration : 3:02

Game Last Supper

Sound session

A hunger pain that make nigga hateful
Thatís why you canít bring bread with the ungrateful
He canít look in your eyes and he canít face you
Wait for them to try, he canít wait you
I rather die out here just to ??
I had from nine to five Iím so based too
I beat the shit out of niggas, I got a case too
And when I eat, I miss your everybody A2
only God could judge us, only niggas can do us rich

They probably underestimate you
but still f..ck how he gonna feel, (f*ck you know the deal)
the last supper is three ?? meal
All I see itís Gís (seeing ..)
Money from the street (money from the live, money)
Run out for pop like the nigga fan
run out to bed like the nigga go
Fuck you nigga I ainít studder f..ck you
ainít studder but the gun is studder
ratatatatat motherfucker
Lord niggas respect Elvis,
those pretty bitchs that got you down like the sale
Blond go, next coop ..in Picasso
I let a hundred on the Ö

??? Jesus itís able
Looking at .. nothing but ..breaths in my table
My steady conversations
Donít let the devil touch it
Nothing but Jesus around the table for the last supper
Walk in the water weíre baking soda to get my cake up
Breaking devil for these bees, donít be God saviors
Looking all I see itís Gís at the table
Looking all I see itís Gs at the table
G tell she got a hustle like Russel
Burn as right, your face, your need
Never need it a muscle, 16 in the glock and spend those for the tussle
16 at the cop, donít let the motherfucker cuff
LA we shut down, New York gonna cut
When the last time youíve been to church, nigga we donít trust you
Like the base in front line , nigga we a ..
Laughing over your body
We the one to look up to,
Father figures, we raise guns
pull all the triggers, they be sitting in birds
Weíll be all in Ö all you niggas,
When itís time to ride, we in that colors smug it up
We real gangstas, we each one we just to cover up
real world knock out king, tell em to knuckle up
We ride from California, nigga so buckle up
we got a team full of killers when we hudle up,
Anybody its everywhere, corners brng the shuddle bust
niggas gotta f..ck f..ck with us, knock me f*ck you up
They just get into bust driviní with the upple cut
His barrels, ??
ainít nobody spoting us
Drama with the forth bus
I make you nigga ordained up
Bad boys always cut it with an extra pot
Like an ..5 niggas
Öfive nigga still rolling out
We got grenades just .. is just a tuck
We automatic start, gonna press a lot
??? Jesus is able
Looking in Ö nothing but .. in my stable
.. conversations, donít let the devil touch you
Nothing but Jesus around the table for the last supper
Walk in the water weíre baking soda to get my cake up
Breaking Ö for these thieves, soaping God saviors
Looking all I see is G .. at the table
Looking all I see iis G .. at the table

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