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Gone Ahead Lyrics

Game Gone Ahead
Another Game and Luda collaboration,
Raw and uncut,
coming to your local radio station,
parental discretion is advised,
lets go,

Move Biatch, get out the way (Luda)
Thats what I was banging when she hopped inside the Escalade,
outta control like a Nascar driver,
give it a ditch, she figure it out like MacGuyver,

I take a b-tch to the motel and give it some henn,
if we aint got no more I mix the juice and Gin,

(The Game)
spend more on my rims then I do a b-tch,
watching nipples get hard when I hit a dip,
when I'm in a Bentley, I got a different flock of hoes,
and they blow like the wind thats down in Chicago,
Never choose em, I f-cking lose em,
you aint down with that lil mama, get your shoes in,
get the f-ck out the truck, holla when its time for some action,
i sub a new bitch in the game like Phil Jackson,
put em in the hole like Kobe I let em blow me,
but this b-tch star hopping she must not know me,

If you aint f-cking with me,
I'm gonna give Luda some p-ssy
(Hehe, Luda)
If you aint f-cking with me,
I'm gonna give Game some p-ssy

Okay, Yeah
Im quick to let a b-tch know,
Get low and bounce that ass like a 6-4
Bend over and touch your toes,
and make your whole body stretch like Oprah's clothes,
hey, haaa
and get down with the programme,
cos I stay in between like tosan,
put your legs up, and lets see if you can catch some fly balls when I'm yelling out heads up, whoa,
I hit it over the fence,
I got a closet full of purp like I'm over with prints,
hey, lets smoke, put it where the birds fly,
rims so big, ya n-gga got a birds eye,
Game what you wanna do?
I got the gage, the uzi and my muthaf-cking 22,
and Im feeling like a trillion bucks,
but hold up and let me see how this brazilian sucks,

Hey man, you hoes is killing me man,
Just cos i ain't f-cking with you, you gonna give somebody else your p-ssy, see thats your problem, y'all giving it away too easy,
your stock is plummeted dammit,
Game press the start button on these hoes man,
press pause when you want to,
restart, s top, hehe,
its too easy, they wanna get greasy,
dirty south,
It's what it is!

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