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Wiggle Worm Lyrics

Album Name : Lemonade
Release Date : 2006-08-01
Song Duration : 3:14

G. Love & Special Sauce Wiggle Worm

Have you seen the wiggle worm
Smaller than a tiny germ
he has got a great big appetite
Though he isn't Very big
He eats more than any pig
Always looking for someone to bite

(O) Never wiggle wiggle wiggle
Never giggle giggle giggle
Better squash the wiggle worm when you feel the urge to squirm
In your church on sundays
In your school on mondays
Fight off the wiggle worm

Verse 2:

I was in my Sunday seat
Sitting still and being sweet
When I saw him crwaling up my shoe (whoo hoo)
(Spoken) wiggle worm don't bother me, well have a catastrophe
(Sing again) then I kicked him out of Sunday school

(Repeat chorus then go to ending*)


Fight off the wiggle, fight off the wiggle
Fight fight off the wiggle worm!

Song Meanings for Wiggle Worm

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