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George Lyrics

Fuzzy White Casters George

Get in your mind that nothing is like what it seems
It's not a great time to move your eyes from what is real
Mirrored inside, your fears got to debut tonight:
A really big screen where your life was being lived in

Thrusting all night on some kind of devotion that will make us have fun
Let's take it to the next degree
Seek and you'll find a city filled with blinding lights
Where poisonous beats make you dance without no meaning

Feed up the strife, my headache and the baseline
They go on and on, it's like I'm in a horror film
Tease and unwind, and once you've lost it there's no turning back on this track with no place for any comeback

Twitch in your eye, at this point you'll be breathing madness
No one will cry, it's sometimes really hard to deal
Flashing all lights, with fractal glow and soothing vibes
The echoes inside of your mind are not the same now

Too fast too slow I'm following someone to the end, I'm following someone to the end.(x4)

Let's get this people dancing!

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