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C Is For Heartache Lyrics

Album Name : The Future Kings of Nowhere
Release Date : 2007-01-01
Song Duration : 2:47

Future Kings Of Nowhere C Is For Heartache

Dear ex-beautiful / I'm writing you this note / just to
let you know
Things are still going fine here at home
Keeping the plants watered / tucking in our daughter /
every night
She looks more like you all the time
Oh, by the way your mom says hi

I got a job just paying off your debts / cleaning up your
All the bills you wrote out in bad checks
Raven and Dan got married / they say they are very /
happy now
In their little white picket house
I hope that everything works out

It's not like / I've been out / looking for anyone else
I want you / to come back now
I need you / to come back / and fix the home that you
I want you / to come back now

So ex-beatiful / I'm writing you this note / just to let
you know
I am slowly dying without you
My muscles start to sieze and / I'm looking for a reason
/ you and me
We were the best I've ever seen
And now it's all I can do to breathe
But I breathe

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