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Gangsta Shit Lyrics

Full Blooded Gangsta Shit

[Chorus: Snoop]
Nigga dem haters
Can't fade us,
We soldiers
High rollers,
We ganstas
Big banksters, We motherfuckin' ganstas


It's hound dog and snoop dog, what ya'll thought?
Hell motherfuckin' yeah bitch,
it's my motherfuckin' fault see you wanna roll with me
try to come with me, bitch thats just your fantasy
I'm doggy d from the DPG, and bitch gotta raise up off of me
I see more niggas hangin' out backstage
wanna autograph for your bitch that's cute, don't shoot
no repelent cause suckas keep on failin',
but I'm a dog so f..ck em all bitch I keep on bailin'
sellin' millions at a time, blazin' up thembackwoods
white woods in the phillies can you feel me and oh so few
niggas wanna kill me, but if they knew me I don't really think
they wanna do nothin' to me nigga

[Chorus x2]

[Full Blooded]
I flash the tank when dem niggas don't know
my she hound wants the time of the day
I let her check da rolex
I flush the big bodied charlie with da limo tint
chokin' on somethin'
scopin' on somethin'
Snoop Dogg and Hound Dogg, we gon ball dog
and when we gone dog f..ck em all dog!
I know they hatin' on me, in the cut waitin' on
I done came up with Snoop
they wanna build a case on me pockets on swole,
my f..ckin' mind on hold but they don't hear me though
I'm on that endoe big dog dark as the tank
we ain't on no leash raw doggin' shit wherever we be
wherever we be

[Chorus x4]

[Snoop Talking]
Snoop Dogg and Hound Dogg that's dat No Limit Shit
strait from the West Coast down south all over your area
Full Blooded TRU Doggs ya heared me

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