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Cataclysm Lyrics

Album Name : Crushing Reality
Release Date : 2007-08-23
Song Duration : 5:35

From Exile Cataclysm

The world is crumbling around me
Once great monuments are falling down
Symbols of power turned to dust, I walk through the
This total collapse, Shattered dreams litter the earth
I pick up the pieces and let them fall
Breaking the remnants of the old world
Through demolition comes rebirth
Wade through the ashes of it all
Structures shoot up from the ground like trees from a
past life
Lifeless clumps of clay and glass, a barren forest of
The cycle begins anew, and I watch waiting for the next
Great collapse, hoping for the world to crumble
The wheel of time will keep on turning
Coming back to where it once was
Wicked smile upon my face, divine plots unfold before me
From the rubble comes a new world and the wheel spins on

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