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Agree To Disagree Lyrics

Friday Giants Agree To Disagree

You're always up to something
Don't you lie to me
I shouldn't keep this locked inside
Or I'll have to burn the bridge

No one here will walk away?
Where's the honesty?
Stick to your guns and throw down the fight
This is gonna burn

Don't blame me
I'm the only thing that seems to work
Am I sane?
Apologies that sounds like this
You'll be alone
Regret the day you spoke to me
Leave me be

What do I need to prove to you?
I've got it figured out
Pigeonhole your expectations
I'll be more than this

I demand your respect
Not afraid to dismiss
What I stand for and what it means to me
Say a prayer to your God
Beg for mercy

Mental Breakdown
I am having a mental breakdown
I can't stand on my feet
The room is still spinning
Addiction is winning
You've taken the life out of me

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